Create Security Group

Configure security group for launch template

You need to allow the following network traffic to your PostgreSQL instance.

  • SSH: Allows you to access Linux instance through your terminal

  • PostgreSQL: Allows incoming requests for PostgreSQL server

To create a security group for your instance in the launch template,

  1. Navigate to your AWS EC2 dashboard.

  2. Under "Network & Security", select "Security Groups"

  3. Select "Create security group"

  4. Security group name (Example): PostgreSQL Server Security

  5. Description (Example): Allow PostgreSQL

  6. VPC: Select VPC for your instance

  7. Security group rules (Inbound): Select add rule and add the following:

    1. SSH: For source, choose "Anywhere"

    2. PostgreSQL: For source, choose "Anywhere"

  8. You do not need to change the outbound settings.

  9. Tags: Skip tags

  10. Select "Create Security Group"

Your security group for your PostgreSQL server is ready to be added to your launch template.

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