Connect with pgAdmin4

Connecting to your PostgreSQL server hosted on AWS on your local pgAdmin4

Install pgAdmin4

To install pgAdmin4 on your local computer, follow the directions here:

Connecting to Server

  • Open pgadmin4 on your local computer

  • Select "Object"

  • Under "Objects", go to "Create" and then select "Server"

  • OPTION 2: You can also click "Add New Server" in the "Quick Links" menu in the Dashboard

  • Under "General"

    • Name: Write any name you'd like for your server to be on your local computer: EX. PostgreSQL AWS

  • Under "Connection"

    • Host name/address: Paste your host name we copied from our AWS instance (discussed further in the Overview section of this chapter)

    • Port: 5432 (standard for PostgreSQL)

    • Username: your "username" created in the "Add Role to PostgreSQL Server" section in previous chapter

    • Password: type "password" for your "username"

    • Save password?: Select if you prefer not to type your password every time you log into the server locally

  • Press the "Save" icon at the bottom right corner of the dialog box

You've now connected to your server!

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