Option 2: Create a Single Instance

Create a single instance from your launch template

If you would prefer to not create an auto scale group for your server, then feel free to launch a single EC2 instance instead! In this section, we will walk through how to spin up a EC2 instance from our launch template.

  1. In the EC2 menu, select "Launch Templates"

  2. Select your launch template

  3. Under "Actions", select "Launch instance from template"

  4. Your launch template settings will appear. You have two options here:

    • Option 1: You can change any of the settings from the launch template

    • For example, you may want to choose an instance type that has more CPUs (EX. m4.xlarge) since you will not be using an auto group to scale for more CPU power.

    • Option 2: Keep the settings from your launch template

  5. After you are satisfied with your settings, select "Launch instance from template"

You've now launch an instance based on your launch template! If you go to "Instances", you should see your new instance being created.

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